Community Should Attend Fire Board Meetings



Again, I am writing to you regarding the Pine-Strawberry Fire District.

The chief is allegedly trying to move personnel around allegedly without the proper credentials.

Would you be afraid that someone may allegedly come to your home, and not be able to start and IV line? This may allegedly happen if the fire board does not open their eyes and begin being in charge of the chief, and the chief allegedly running the board. This kind of looks like deja vu.

The fire board has two board members that always seem to make a sensible decision. One just sits and says nothing and one seems to take every meeting over as if it belonged to them.

Then there always is the tie-breaker that agrees with the chief allegedly most times.

We need to gather as a community and say no way to some of the chief’s recommendations. Let your voice be heard.

Get to the meetings, let the board know how you feel. Yes, the board, so they can make the final decisions, and they have to live with that decision they made. Maybe they can for go somethings, and maybe not. But the community needs to let the people in charge know how they feel. The fire board has the final say so, not the chief.

Lisa Sieracki



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