Political Correctness Kills



We all recognize the problem of political correctness and how it always starts at the top of any organization. When that happens, all “loyal” members of that organization, right down to the sweepers, must parrot the words of their superiors in their words, actions and attitudes.

The only members who don’t follow blindly or care about P.C. mindlessness are conscripts and contract help.

Many years ago I read a book whose title I’ve forgotten about WWII, but a message in it did stick in my memory. There was a discussion between an American Army officer and his counterpart in the British Army wherein they compared the respective successes of their organizations. Both agreed the U.S. effort was well executed, but that the British effort fell short in many respects. To his credit, the British officer offered a valid, if not desirable reason.

He pointed out how in contrast to the British Army, the vast majority of the American officer corps was not career officers. That when the war was over, the Americans would return to their pre-war jobs. They were only in the Army as reserve officers for, as the phrase of the time went, “the duration.” As a result, when asked for an opinion by their superiors, they told it like it was. You might say they were contract help. Unlike their British counterparts, they didn’t give a damn whether they got promoted or not, as long as their opinion hastened the end of the war.

On the other hand, the largely career British officer corps was continually walking on eggs, always mindful of their annual performance review that would determine if they got their next promotion, which meant that one always agreed with one’s superiors — even if they were wrong.

Remember, today, except for “Stop Loss” there are no conscripts in the U.S. Forces and all promotions, even in the enlisted ranks are subject to performance reviews. This means that as described above, one must outwardly agree with one’s superiors even when they’re wrong in order to be promoted.

Maybe it’s a stretch, but perhaps this piece illustrates the same type of stupidity that has existed in the U.S. Forces long enough to cause the massacre that happened last week at Fort Hood; a general who is more concerned with the safety of Muslims and political correctness (agreeing with O) than the soldiers who are his primary responsibility. The general has failed to convince the Muslims that their safety depends on their ability to police the 5 percenters in their own ranks, and it isn’t the responsibility of the rest of us to protect them from themselves. Everybody under this general who was aware of the weird antics of Maj. Hansan at Walter Reed and Fort Hood was reluctant to speak out with the truth for fear of being blackballed.

Political correctness kills, get a broad red Sharpie and write that on the back of all your snail mail. Better yet, get a rubber stamp, red ink and a stamp pad.

George Demack



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