Sock Room Opens In Former Cafe’S Location



Tom Brossart/ Roundup

Bill Reeder


Tom Brossart/ Roundup

Visit the Sock Room on any given day and you’ll find Bill Reeder, co-owner, stocking socks in his socks.

Bill Reeder sits on a stool, surrounded by 5,000 pairs of socks and just smiles.

“I sit in here and I laugh,” Reeder said Monday, just six days after he opened the Sock Room with business partner Ron Hester in the former location of Fireside Espresso.

There are toe socks, knit socks, socks that glow under a black light, diabetic socks, socks for golfing, socks for lounging and socks to wear up to your knees. There are even socks made from bamboo fiber that wick perspiration away from your feet. And if you have an unusual size, the Sock Room can order it from their extensive catalog.

“Everybody needs socks and can afford to buy here,” Reeder said. “I am so excited and happy to be here because not one person has come in and said they didn’t like it.”

Hester got the idea to open a sock store after visiting a similar store in the Valley. When Hester told Reeder about the concept, Reeder thought it was a great idea and went well with their other business, selling appliances.

“I loved the idea of a happy place to shop,” he said.

For the last four years, Hester and Reeder have operated Appliances Plus in the north end of the Swiss Village Shops.

When the pair decided to open their own sock room, they looked for retail spaces around town. Reeder saw the Fireside Espresso suite and thought it was a great place for both the sock shop and appliance company.

The new 3,000-square-foot showroom offers an extra 1,000 square feet of space over their old building. With the new space, the pair plans to sell appliances in the main section of the former coffee shop and socks in the front room. Using the old kitchen, the pair will set up a working kitchen so buyers can see how the appliances work.

“When you go to buy an appliance it is normally because something else broke and you are not a happy camper because you know you have to plunk down your hard-earned money,” Reeder said. When you come to the Sock Room, everything is inexpensive and accessible.

Appliances Plus will officially move to the new space at the beginning of the year.

In the meantime, you can find Reeder manning the register from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday at the Sock Room, 912 N. Beeline Highway.


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