The Money Merry-Go-Round



The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, at the corner of the Beeline Hwy. and Historic Main Street, wants residents to spend as much of their holiday budget as possible in Payson, Pine and Star Valley. For every $100 spent with local businesses, $68 of it supports the area’s economy.

If you take $100 and you spend it, how much of it will circulate around Rim Country before it gets back to the Federal Shredder? If you spend it online, using an outside Web site, none — with no additional benefit to anyone in Rim Country. If you go outside our area, again, none would benefit our community. If you spend it in a national chain, the average is $43. If you spend it in a locally owned business, $68 will circulate in Rim Country.*

So, where does this money go that stays in Rim Country? It pays the wages of the employees of the business. It pays the local property taxes of the landlord. It purchases supplies from other businesses in Rim Country (toilet paper, accounting services, photocopying, etc.) and thus it pays that company’s employees’ wages, for that company’s supplies, and keeps money and business moving in Rim Country.

These statistics are from the “3/50 Project” — a program designed to try to get locals to help businesses survive in the current economic downturn.

The “3/50” project’s basic idea is: each buyer (you) identify three businesses that, if they disappeared, would badly affect your life. In the next 3 months, spend $50 in each of them. It’s that simple. It means that we care about the people who have opened a business to provide you with goods and services that you like, but may not have thought about the effects of their disappearance. Likewise, our local national chains also put money into our economy, and they pay taxes and buy gas and go to the movies. They provide us with the capability to live here and not go outside the area for a majority of our needs.

Now, that urge to spend three hours (down and back) in a car driving to another location, at $2.50 per gallon of gas, and facing the masses of people we came here to get away from, may find itself limited, and the savings you earn can be put into those businesses owned by your friends and neighbors, here in Rim Country.

*The 3/50 Project- Cinda Baxter, 2009


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