Sense Of Community In The Mountains



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A few recent guests on their way back home. Picture courtesy of Diego Dominick who is the property manager of Christopher Creek Lodge.

It looks like summer isn’t going away without a fight this year. The Valley is still having days where they reach around 110 degrees. I had a feeling we might be in for an extended summer since it seemed to start a little later than normal this year. This is likely great news for Rim Country businesses since the hotter it is down there, the busier we stay up here in the high country.

I am not sure when the temperature is due to drop, but it is likely that the snow will hit a little later than normal. Although, Christopher Creek seems to subscribe to its own personal weather pattern, so really who knows?

You sure can tell the weather is nice outside because everybody seems to have a project or two they are working on. Just about everywhere you look you’ll see someone with a hammer or a shovel in their hand. That is one thing that I think is great about this area that I mentioned briefly in the previous article. People really do have the “sense of community up here.” So many times I’ll run into someone and ask them what they’re working on and a lot of the time it is not a project for themselves, but rather for the community as a whole (the creek, roadway, etc.). It is great that people here understand that helping others really does help themselves as well!

Lots of people around here are always wondering what is happening with the good ol’ Landmark. Include me as one of those people. All I know for sure is that quite some time ago it was demolished down to basically just the dirt. Last I heard, which was quite some time ago, is that it is likely to be a restaurant at some point. I have met the new owners of the property awhile back and they seem like really great folks. So, it will be nice to have them around in some capacity when they’re ready. My most recent understanding is that it is going to be a really upscale nice restaurant and that it might open in one to two years from now. If anybody else has more relevant information, please let me know. All I know, is that hardly a day goes by where a resident or returning tourist doesn’t ask about the Landmark.

Lastly, this is the final reminder about the Christopher Creek Car Show Classic. It is Oct. 10 and check-in is at the Creekside Steakhouse. That date is right around the corner! Even if you aren’t a participant, come on by just to take a look at all the cars, street vendors and fun!

Want to visit China? Come to the car show!

Gary Anderson, longtime president of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association and retired ASU professor, is organizing another group to go to China in May 2010. He took a group two years ago and some of the Christopher Creek folks wanted to know when he was going back.

This trip will be 22 days long, from about May 18 to June 8, 2010. The trip will include most of the highlights of this very ancient, interesting country. They will visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the TerraCotta Warriors at Xiang, take a three-day cruise through the Gorges on the Yangtze River, and, of course, walk on the Great Wall.

An informational meeting will be held in conjunction with the Christopher Creek Car Show on Oct 10. The meeting will be in the Christopher Creek Fire Station on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 10 from 1:30 to 2:30. Is this trip right for you? Copies of the itinerary, maps and highlights of the trip will be presented and discussed. If you have questions about the trip, you can contact Gary at or call (480) 839-3542.

Thanks for reading.

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