You Cannot Be Serious



There are two articles I have read recently in the Roundup that have truly shocked, dismayed, and terrified me.

The first was one in which the CEO of Payson Regional Medical Center, Chris Wolf, was talking about the costs of hospital care. In this article Chris Wolf stated that the cost of prevention care is costlier than that of actually treating a person after they are sick. He specifically cited mammograms costing more than treating a person with breast cancer. Perhaps his numbers are right.

Maybe the monetary costs of prevention outweigh the costs of treating disease. My question to Mr. Wolf is, what about the physical, mental and emotional costs to these people who are sick?

The second article I read was written by Arizona state senator, Jon Kyl. In his article, Jon Kyl claimed that the ideas being presented by the president and other members of Congress for health care reform were ones that he did not support, and so he explained what he thought reform should be.

Sen. Kyl suggested that people should, “pay more for routine health care.” Does Sen. Kyl have any idea how much these “routine” procedures, visits and tests cost? The costs are outrageous, and Sen. Kyl is suggesting we pay for these ourselves. I thought the idea of reform was to lower costs to American people. Health care reform is needed now. I have much more faith in the president’s plans than either one of these gentlemen after reading about their ideas on reform. I would find these two gentlemen’s ideas laughable if I didn’t find them so horrifying. To quote tennis great, John McEnroe, “you cannot be serious!”

Jessica Nelson


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