Payson Has Year’S Supply Of Affordable Homes



I read in your newspaper that there is a move to raise the maximum building height in Payson to seven stories. The reason given is the need for affordable housing.

As of Monday, the local MLS had a total of 47 listings of single family dwelling units priced from $35,000 to $130,000. They had been on the market an average of 120 days and only 10 were reported to have sales contracts pending. The MLS also reported 45 sales of single family dwelling units priced from $45,000 to $130,000 in the past 12 months. That means that under current market conditions, there is more than a year’s supply of “affordable housing” and even at this entry level price range, prices are very likely to decline further during the upcoming winter months.

So I ask, “Who are the money people behind this demand for affordable housing? Where will the occupants work and who will buy the existing 47 units if all the potential buyers are moved to high density government-subsidized housing?”

With the loss of most of the workers in what recently seemed a permanent construction industry, Payson will have a difficult time absorbing the housing units that come on the market in the next few years just from the normal attrition of many of our aging citizens whose assured incomes contribute greatly to the local economy.

The town council need not waste its time on what looked like would be a major problem in Payson’s future a few years ago, “the shortage of affordable housing.” The current and new long-term problems will be finding people to live in the abundant available dwellings in town and persuading a higher percentage of new retirees to move to Payson to assure the stability of our economic base upon which most service and retail trade depend.

Peter Licavoli


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