Highway Bypass Will Have Many Ramifications For Region



My appearance at (a recent) gathering was to suggest that too often in our regional community, people choose up sides, align themselves with one position, draw a line in the sand and say “this is the way it has to be ...”

As many times as not, this is done with inadequate and sometimes misguided knowledge about the issue.

We all know the bypass will continue to be an item of huge interest with many ramifications for the region. Hopefully, regional/community leaders “get (and stay) ahead of the curve.”

I think this was partially the intent of the meeting held at CAC, but with a definite bias. The temptation is to dismiss this as something that will not happen in “our political, professional or mortal lifetimes,” but we are sowing the seeds of future ongoing debate by actions taken now.

Whatever prospect there might need or want to be for consideration of a bypass, needs to be coupled with serious deliberations on what is to be done to make Payson and the surrounding area a destination location and not just a stop along the way!

Perhaps the contemplated Arizona State University branch campus is a/the key, but there will want to be other preparations put in place ...

Ken Volz

Executive Director

Northern Gila County Economic

Development Corporation


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