President Never Mentioned



In his Oct. 2 letter to the editor, Ira Gimble claimed Jinx Pyle “has spread hatred and lies about our president” and made an “unbelievable comparison to Hitler ...”

Then Gimble takes Jinx to task adding, “Sorry to inform him (Jinx), but the lack of oversight in our banking system and stock market helped lead to the recession. The war in Iraq hasn’t helped with the loss of ‘Blood and Treasure.’”

Gimble also questioned Jinx’s credentials to recognize a narcissistic personality.

Well, I am sorry to inform Mr. Gimbel, but Jinx never mentioned “our president” either by name, by title, or by inference in the Hitler article. He did not write about our banking system, stock market, recession, or the war in Iraq, as suggested. Therefore, I must conclude any comparisons of personalities or entities were made and commented on by Mr. Gimble himself.

Finally, I wonder if Mr. Gimble would care to argue the point of whether or not Hitler was a narcissist?

This letter is typical of many I see written against Jinx. First, they accuse him of writing things he never wrote or they twist his words so as to totally distort the original meaning. Then they accuse him of spreading “hatred and lies.”

It is good to remember when you point a finger at someone there are three pointing back at you.

Sherry Proctor



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