Jinx Is An Honorable Man



I take great issue with Mr. Ira of his judgment concerning Jinx Pyle.

Mr. Ira appears to a typical left wing person who can’t stand to see someone who is successful. Especially when they make money and live in a big house on a hill.

Jinx is an honorable man, who has contributed much more to our community than Mr. Ira could do in a hundred years of a lifetime.

I resent the fact that Mr. Ira states that the Payson Roundup uses Jinx Pyle to spread hatred and so forth and so forth and all of that sort of horse pucky.

We are so very sorry to see Jinx leave the Roundup.

By the way, Jinx never said he was comparing Obama with Hitler. However, I would like to compare Obama to Hugo Chevez and Mr. Critic with Michael Moore with his fruitcake movies.

Ed Welge


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