Johnny Cash Once Wondered ‘How High’S The Water?’


n light of the torrential typhoon and heavy flooding a couple of weeks ago that lambasted the Philippines, many have asked me how my fiancee, Ann, is coping with the situation there in her homeland.

For a while, it was really a grave situation. Thirteen inches of rain fell on her Southeastern Asian nation within a six-hour period. (To put that into perspective, during our entire two-month “Monsoon Season,” we normally receive a little over 5 inches of rain.)

For the first two days of the typhoon, Ann and the other 11 members of her extended family were confined to the second floor of their home, without electricity or telephone service. The first floor of their house had become a chest-high sea of muddy water. Ann related to me that she thought it was the end of the world for her and her family.

On the third day following the onset of storm, concerned I would be worried for her safety, Ann ventured out. She rode in a neighbor’s make-shift boat from her house to the nearest road, where she walked two hours through knee-deep floodwater to an Internet café. From there, she e-mailed me to let me know she was all right. What an amazing woman she is.

It has taken Ann and her family a couple of weeks to recover from the water damage that was done to their home, but I’m happy to report they are now doing well.

The Philippines’ super typhoon, flooding high water leads me into this week’s music trivia question.

In 1959, Johnny Cash scored a top-15 hit with the song, “Five Feet High And Risin’.”

In his song of flooding and rising water, Cash begins by asking, “How high’s the water?” The initial response he gets is “It’s two feet high and risin’.”

Three more times, Cash repeats his question — and each time he his told that the water has risen another foot. At the end of the song, Cash is told the water is “Five Feet High And Risin’.”

This week’s music trivia question is: To whom does Johnny Cash direct his question, “How high’s the water?”

Does he direct it to A) Mama, B) Papa, C) Brother Jed or D) Buzz Walker?

Be caller number five and have the right answer and you’ll win a gift certificate for a free haircut from Studio B (located next door to the Payson Roundup), courtesy of Elaina Kimbrell, stylist.

Now, let’s check and see how we did with last week’s question, which was: Can you tell me the recording artist of the 1974 hit, “I’ve Got the Music in Me?”

From 1971 through 1976, this artist charted five Billboard hits, including her popular duet with Elton John, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Is this pop-rock singer A) Helen Reddy, B) Petula Clark, C) Kiki Dee or D) Janis Joplin? The correct answer was Kiki Dee.

Congratulations to Bill Corwin, who won this past week’s music trivia prize — a “musically lively” massage, courtesy of Marlenea LaShomb.

Bill and his lovely wife, Judy, have lived in Payson for the past three years.

Bill was born in St. Paul, Minn. and grew up in L.A. He met Judy on his very first day at L.A. City College, where he says it was love at first sight. Within a week, the two lovebirds were off to their first date at the Greek Theatre, where they enjoyed Harry Belafonte in concert.

Before retiring when he was 52, Bill was in the foreclosure business, handling a whopping 88,000 transactions in 33 years. He now keeps himself busy taking road trips and going to concerts with Judy. He also has just enrolled in a cooking class.

In the past, Bill was a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and is seriously considering becoming one again in Payson. Bless your heart, Bill!

Bill is a former drummer, having done work as a studio musician. His eclectic taste in music includes jazz, honky tonk, piano and boogie woogie. His favorite artists are Ramsey Lewis, Eddie Harris and Joe Sample.

Lastly, new pictures I have just added to my Web site are from this past Saturday’s Jesse Lambert and Jennifer Dorfer wedding at the Payson Christian Church. It was a beautiful wedding, attended by many family and friends. Both Jesse and Jennifer graduated from Payson High School, Jesse in 2005 and Jennifer this past spring.

Have a great week!

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