Totally Tootsie — On Her 1-Year Anniversary



HSCAZ photo

Tootsie has been at the shelter for too long — one year.


HSCAZ photo

Tootsie sometimes likes to stop and roll in the grass during walks.

The 14th of this month was Tootsie’s one-year anniversary here at HSCAZ. As you will see from everyone’s remarks, she is a favorite here. Not only because she has been here so long, but because of her fabulous personality.

Tootsie may not be the prettiest girl at the dance, but she is the most loyal. We all know that, given the opportunity, she will make someone a wonderful, loving companion.

She has spent time in a foster home with other dogs, but is kind of choosy about her canine companions. Her very best pal was Stiffler, another long-timer, but he was lucky enough to get to go home last week.

So now, Tootsie spends her time in the play yard just lying alone in the sun. We think she is dreaming of her home, where everyone loves her, where someone takes her for walks and spends time just lying there loving on her. That is one of her favorite things, just quietly spending time with someone who loves her.

Fortunately for Tootsie and all of our dogs, we have a devoted group of dog yard volunteers and dog walkers, so she gets out of her kennel and has quality time every day. But nothing compares to the security of a loving, forever home and a family to call your own.

If you think you may be the person or family that Tootsie is waiting so patiently for, please come and meet her, at 812 S. McLane Road. We know that once you get to know her, you’ll love her just as much as we do.

For more information about any of our wonderful animals or how you can help by becoming part of this important and rewarding organization, please call 474-5590 or look us up on the web at

More about Tootsie

Tootsie is a 3-year-old Shar Pei/Pit mix. Her coat is a beautiful, brindle color and she is medium sized. Tootsie came in as a stray from Mesa Del a year ago, on Oct. 14.

During her stay here, she did go into a foster home for about a month. With 6 other dogs in the home, Tootsie began to get frustrated with the other dogs, so her foster parents made the tough decision to bring her back to us. They enjoyed their time with Tootsie and felt bad that they weren’t able to give her that one-on-one time that she needs and desires.

Tootsie truly is a delightful dog. She doesn’t potty in the house, and she loves to ride in the car. She sometimes acts silly when out on a walk and will stop and roll around in the grass until she’s ready to start walking again. Tootsie does well with children and gets along with most other dogs.

Tootsie has been to many HSCAZ functions and has acted as our mascot. She is the perfect candidate for all of our events and all the volunteers and staff love taking her along, because they know she will be on her best behavior.

Tootsie has become accustomed to living here, and it seems as though some days she doesn’t mind it, but if you know Tootsie, then you love her, and you want nothing more than for her to be adopted into her forever home. As the longest resident currently at the shelter, she’s even been here longer than some employees. We know there’s someone out there who will open their heart and fall in love; we all have, it’s only a matter of time until you do, too.

* * *

Our little Tootsie Pop — the gorgeous Shar Pei mix in kennel number seven. This little cutie is one of the sweetest little ladies you could ever ask for. She loves to go for long walks. She also loves that extra attention she begs for. Walking by her kennel, anyone can feel the energy that says to stop at this dog and give her some love. Also, she has that priceless look in her eyes. Everyone knows “the look,” the one that makes you just stop and stare, the one that makes your heart melt. Yep, she has it. She has been here for over a year too long, waiting for you to come get her. She loves us as much as we love her. She will love you too, just as soon as you come to get her. So come on down to kennel number seven, she is waiting for you.

— Love, Sasha

* * *

I know Tootsie, oh boy, do I. I have been walking this great girl for almost a year now, and she gives all the volunteers total love. When I come in, she is always first to greet me with giant leaps and a soft bark. Then we take a tour out through the back forty. The tour may go one of two ways: The first way, it’s a long walk with close attention to all the birds and gophers who just might cross our path. The second way, which I always enjoy, is a sniffing expedition. On these capers, we don’t go very far, but every bush, tree, post and gulley is carefully snuffled — she sounds like a Hoover vacuum — until she knows what is happening in that part of her territory, and then we move along the next olfactory opportunity. Tootsie is a big, muscular dog, and you might not believe it, but she can be a lap dog. The volunteers have placed a couple of plastic chairs in a field near the facility and I always stop and sit in a chair to have a ‘quiet time’ with Tootsie. She first puts her paws in my lap and then, with a little encouragement, she jumps into my lap, all 60 lbs. of her. I may get a lick, or she may just check out the local terrain from her new vantage point. Come on down and get to know this sweetheart — to know her is to love her. She will be a wonderful companion to you, and I’ll lose a 60 lb. lap dog. But that’s OK.

— Bruce the Dog Walker


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