Mud Springs Subdivision May Lurch One Step Forward If Payson Council Approves


It ain’t much. But they say beggars can’t be choosers.

The council Thursday gets to approve one of the few new projects in the past two years, although it’s just the completion of the infrastructure on 14 empty lots on Mud Springs Road.

The lots for townhouses on the corner of Mud Springs and Highway 260 may some day turn into small homes and rentals close to Gila Community College, but for now represent one of the few projects even shuffling quietly forward in the trough of one of the regions most severe housing droughts in decades.

A few years ago, Payson was approving 200 to 400 new housing units every year, but developers have built almost no new residential housing in Payson in the past two years. The council will finally get a chance to say yes to something on Thursday, when the town’s planning staff will recommend approval of the basic infrastructure improvement on the proposed Rim Ridge Subdivision, which follows an earlier council action to ease some of the original requirements by giving the developer extra time to defer completion of the landscaping and trails until it actually builds more condo units.


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