Fall’S Fire



Tom Brossart/Roundup

Fall color is everywhere in the Rim Country. The Big Tooth Maples are ablaze with reds and yellows, while the oaks and aspens are showing off their best gold hues.


Tom Brossart/Roundup

The Rim Country is full of color as the aspens, oaks and Big Tooth Maples surrender their leaves for all to see. Some of the best fall color in Arizona right now can be found off Forest Service Road 300. Try some of the side roads around the FR 321 area. See more photos page 12A.


Tom Brossart/Roundup

Radiant reds and scarlets of the scattered Big Tooth Maples shout about the glory all around us.

The fire of fall is filled with scarlets and golds, bronzes and browns.

Sometimes it arrives subtly, slowly. Then there are times when the brilliance of the season — set against the unmatched blue of an October sky on the Mogollon Rim — explodes in a mad dash to dazzle.

There is no smoke with this fire, just the warmth of a well-lived season in the summer sun and a loving goodbye until the sweetness of spring crawls out from under winter’s blanket.


Tim Barrett 7 years, 3 months ago

Very nice! Now that I live in Nebraska, I really know what fall color is. I must admit that western North Carolina had some dazzling hues in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I think my fondest color memory was the lanes of flame maple trees in the fall in Baldwin City, Kansas. Still my second "favorite" state of residence!


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