Where Are The Promises?



I hope all the people who were conned into voting for Obama now realize what a scam artist he is. Where is the transparency in his administration? I’m not sure one can see it behind closed doors.

Why is it so important to keep this new round of talks about the health care bill secret? Maybe it’s because when the people find out what is actually in the 10,000-word bill, they’ll find that it is filled with scams, lies and benefits for illegal aliens.

Obama wants to cut $400 billion from Medicare so he can include coverage for non-citizens. Oh wait! They can make that up by cutting fraud waste and abuse. What are you waiting for? Do it now. It is now very clear that he is not qualified to be our president. But we were fooled into believing his change was good for America.

We are only nine months into this administration and it doesn’t look good for us in the future. There is hope. Any bill that gets secretly pushed through behind closed doors can be stopped by a newly elected Congress and Senate. That is our only hope to stop this madness before we’re are doomed.

Randy Wilcox


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