Mack: Citizens Need To Demand That States Reclaim Authority


A former sheriff of Graham County proposed radical reform at a recent Tea Party dinner, saying sheriffs have the ultimate law authority to defend citizens from enemies, including the federal government.

Richard Mack said he feels state rights have been trampled on and disregarded by the powers that be in Washington, even while the 10th Amendment limits the federal government’s power to the Constitution, and reserves all other rights to the states or the people.

At a Payson Tea Party - Sons and Daughters of Liberty meeting, Mack said states should reclaim their authority from the federal government and become politically independent.

“This is for every American,” Mack said at the opening of his speech. “If you’re American, that freedom is for you, and that is what this meeting is for.”

Mack, who won a 1997 Supreme Court decision that ruled the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act unconstitutional based on the 10th Amendment, suggested citizens demand their state representatives, governor, law enforcement agents and sheriff reclaim their state’s sovereignty.

“If you haven’t become fully disgusted and discouraged, then you’re crazy, because you should be,” he said. “Washington, D.C. is a complete write-off. It is too bought and paid for. They don’t care about us.”

What do we do then to take back our civil liberties, he asked, if the federal government is corrupted?

The answer lies “in our own back yards,” he said, in state sovereignty and our sheriffs.

Mack dismissed ideas that disgruntled citizens should organize a new party or impeach President Obama. Instead, individual states, through their sheriffs and state officials, can stop national healthcare and all other government mandates and tactics.

“The county sheriff is the ultimate check and balance,” he said.

In his efforts to “leave no sheriff behind,” Mack is campaigning to send a copy of his book, “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” to every sheriff in America.

In his book, Mack says the sheriff is the ultimate law authority in each county, and so has the power to enforce the Constitution if anyone’s rights are violated.

“If we uphold the Constitution and start today, we get our freedom back tomorrow,” he said.

The Payson Tea Party - Sons and Daughters of Liberty is a nonpartisan group — part of a larger, national grass-roots movement.

According to its Web site, goals include lowering taxes, curtailing spending and debt, protecting American traditions and family values and stopping the shipment of American jobs overseas. For more information on the group, visit or call (928) 468-8087.


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