Some Doctors Practice Bad Medicine



I cannot let Senator Kyl’s comments about the so-called “tort reform” issue go unanswered. The senator is obviously spouting the propaganda from the insurance industry which has been attacking trial lawyers who represent the injured, maimed and survivors as a result of very bad medicine practiced by a very few doctors.

The attack is a pure money grab and nothing more. It is an attempt to protect insurance companies, who have never been the friend of the medical community they insure. Just ask a doctor how they like dealing with insurance companies.

According to a recent national study, over 100,000 people a year die needlessly due to hospital errors. That is like two 747s crashing every day. If that many planes started crashing, it wouldn’t take long for the planes to be grounded so the problem could be fixed.

What Senator Kyl and others like him are proposing is the equivalent of granting the airliner companies immunity when the planes hit the ground. Instead, if they were serious, they would be getting to the root of the problem, which is taking steps to stop the malpractice.

If these so-called “tort reformers” were really interested in solving the problem, they would stop attacking the victims and attempting to limit the victim’s ability to hold the negligent party accountable for the harm that has been caused.

I am proud to be a trial lawyer. I am proud of helping people who have been injured. But I also realize, and I hope everyone else does as well, that the vast majority of our doctors are very caring, skilled, providers of care.

It is my understanding that 95 percent of all medical negligence cases are caused by only 10 percent of the doctors. So why can’t the medical boards that are given the duty to police their own ranks, do something about the very few bad apples, so people like me won’t be so busy.

And maybe if some of the lawyers who call themselves trial lawyers would stop their offensive advertising, people wouldn’t keep blaming us for the problem.

That’s my 2 cents worth.

Art Lloyd


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