Support Was Overwhelming



Last May 19, the Payson Roundup carried a remarkable full-page “ad” that began with a letter to me that said: “Dear Don, Your friends, neighbors, and the many people you have touched pray for your speedy recovery ...” and included the names of almost 300 friends, family and acquaintances, who were “Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.”

I was in the Mayo Hospital at the time, beginning the lengthy process of a stem cell transplant to combat my blood and bone cancer — using my own stem cells that had been “harvested” about a year earlier.

I was shocked and stunned by this outpouring of prayers and best wishes from these people and many others who were not included at the time. Without question, it was one of the nicest things that had ever happened to me and, in many respects, represented the emotional turning point in my treatment.

Having now completed the most difficult part of my stem cell treatments, I have wanted to thank those in the community who sent their prayers and best wishes in this way.

You will never know how much it has meant to me.

While it is too early to proclaim victory over what is basically an incurable disease, I just finished a battery of tests over the past few weeks and they show that my cancer (Multiple Myeloma) is essentially in full remission. And importantly I feel better day-by-day.

I have no doubt that your outpouring of prayers and best wishes has been key to my rebound, and I’m forever indebted to you all.

Don Crowley


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