Usa Being Torn Down



Since this new administration took office, we have lost 3 million jobs, gone trillions of dollars more in debt and have turned our enemies into our “friends.”

Now we are turning our friends into our enemies ... going after those that have saved American lives and sending terrorists back to the battlefield.

This administration is tearing down entire institutions that have been put in place to protect us from terrorist attacks.

What is going on? This administration villianizes the USA, bows to those that want to eliminate us and is putting us into bankruptcy.

I keep looking for the positive, but cities, towns and states are falling apart around us and I see no movement to stop the tearing down of our country.

Maybe it is too late to ask God to bless America. Maybe our only saving grace is for America to bless God.

Judy Oconnell, member of Sons and Daughters of Liberty


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