Powder Puff Game Loads Student Coffers



Alexis Bechman/Roundup

The senior/freshman girls (in white) square off against the junior/sophomore team during the annual Powder Puff game to benefit student council.


Alexis Bechman/Roundup

Kayla Francis of the senior/freshman team makes a dash for the infield during the Powder Puff game.

Maybe it was the knee high socks, pigtails or glitter eye strips, because this year’s Powder Puff flag football game raked in more money and fans than in years past.

The student government-sponsored event made $1,600 from entrance and registration fees and concession and T-shirt sales. This is a 1550 percent spike from last year’s mere $97, said student government sponsor Shelly Camp.

“Last year was full of catastrophes,” she said with a fight near the end of the game.

This year, the event went off without a hitch with the freshman/senior team winning out over the sophomore/junior team in front of a crowd of 300 parents and students.

Even with only one, three-hour practice under their belt, players took the game seriously. In the end, the senior/freshman players proved supreme with the only touchdown of the game.

Luckily, no one was injured and no fights started, but Camp said several players complained of soreness the next day.

Since a fight broke out near the end of the game last year, Camp said STUGO students had to prove themselves this year with better organization.

“The kids set up the whole event, I just oversaw it,” she said.

Student players paid a registration fee, signed a contract and had to be in good academic standing like other student athletes. Even the seven coaches (all football players) had to get letters of recommendation to participate.

The only people who did not get special approval to participate were the 16 staff members who provided security.

Student government will use the money earned to sponsor events throughout the school year including spirit week and Project Ignition, a student-run initiative to increase awareness when driving.

“One goal we have is to build student pride,” Camp said. “We will use the money to promote that through spirit events.”


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