Restoring The Beauty Of Log Cabin Homes With Corn



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The Rim Country is filled with beautiful, expensive log homes. Look up at any hillside around town and you are bound to see one sitting royally overlooking the area.

Miracle Maintenance, Inc., a Scottsdale-based company specializes in power washing, soda and corncob blasting to preserve and protect log homes.

Owner Brent Orm said proper and timely maintenance of a log cabin home increases its monetary and aesthetic value and corncob blasting and re-staining is a process that homeowners should include in their budget on a regular basis.

“Log cabins are easily maintained, if you learn the basic steps involved in maintaining the beauty of a log structure,” he said.

The first step, is determining if a log home needs restoration. A homeowner should step outside and look at their log cabin, if the wood has dulled to a gray, brown or black shade, they could benefit from a cleaning.

If a cabin needs cleaning, Miracle Maintenance offers corncob blasting, which is preparation of the surface. Old stain is removed by blasting it off using ground up corncob. Blasting the debris away with corncob is environmentally safe and causes minimal damage to the logs, Orm said.

“If a surface is not properly prepared, your project is going to fail” he said. “You can put the best seal on a poorly prepared area and it just will not last.”

After blasting away the old stain, Miracle Maintenance applies a sealant.

“We come out to the site and measure everything,” Orm said. “A personal inspection is the only true way to determine what is needed and how long it will take to complete the job.”

Miracle Maintenance, Inc. has experience in restoring log homes in the northern Arizona area and will finish a job a homeowner started.

“Most people don’t realize how thorough you need to be when beginning this project,” Orm says. “It can be overwhelming, and we are happy to step in at any stage and help out.”

For more information, call Orm at (602) 689-9049 or e-mail him at brent@


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