Star Valley Cracker Barrel Meetings Start Again


Last time it was held, it was around a cracker barrel with the mayor.

This time, it’s the same cracker barrel but it’s a little less formal and he’s now the former mayor.

On Wednesday, Star Valley’s former mayor Chuck Heron announced he is firing up the monthly citizens meeting again at Diamond Point Shadows Restaurant.

“Local residents have asked for it, so I will get it started,” Heron said. “It will start slow but will grow as more people become aware of it.”

A year ago, Heron started the “meet with the mayor” sessions to make himself available for public comments, questions and concerns about the issues facing the Town of Star Valley. The non-structured meetings ran for several months, ultimately ending with Heron’s resignation.

On Sept. 29, at 6:30 p.m., Heron will reconvene the monthly meetings, which will run the last Tuesday of each month.

It will be called the Star Valley Citizens Awareness Coalition. Heron said he envisions it being similar to Payson’s Citizens Awareness Committee.

Heron decided to bring back the meetings after people asked him to “get the people’s voice down to Town Hall.”

“Since I retired, people are still calling me because they cannot get their phone calls or emails answered from Town Hall,” he said.

When they try to talk with councilmembers, they “clam up like they are not supposed to be talking. So, I have been drafted.”

The meetings are open to everyone, including councilors and residents with opposing viewpoints.

“I want to get the issues out in the open,” he said. “Let the people vent because they are bottled up.”

Some residents have expressed dissent for the current council and its direction, Heron said.

The town was founded on water concerns but now the council is no longer focused on that.

With a lack of improvements, the town is in the same state it was before incorporation. This has led some residents to consider “un-incorporation,” he said.


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