Corporation Commission Build Me Up, Buttercup



As Mayes points out, that’s simply unacceptable — never mind the complaints about unreliable meter readings and customer cutoffs.

Why do you build me up (Build me up)

Buttercup baby just to

let me down (Let me down)

And mess me around

And then worst of all (Worst of all)

You never call baby

When you say you will (Say you will)

Song lyric, the Foundations

We’d sure hate to date the Arizona Corporation Commission. Such a tease, those commissioners.

They’re at it again, we suspect.

Not to be cynical or anything — but we’ve had our hearts broke before.

So now Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Kris Mayes says the commission is very put off by Brooke Utilities “paltry” report in response to complaints that water rationing at Mesa del Caballo has gotten a little bit worse every year, with no sign at all that the private water company has a plan to provide additional water.

Mayes has vowed to summon company representatives before the commission later this month to explain what they intend to do to protect their water-selling monopoly by ensuring residents don’t have to spend a third of the year on some form of water rationing.

Mayes is absolutely right, along with the exclusive right to sell water comes a legal obligation to make sure the community has enough water for normal uses. Clearly, as usage has gradually risen, the capacity of Brooke’s existing wells has declined. And even though the trend has been clear for four years, the company’s only plan to relieve the shortages is to hope for water from the Blue Ridge pipeline in four to six years.

As Mayes points out, that’s simply unacceptable – never mind the complaints about poor communications, unreliable meter readings and customer cutoffs.

Now, we’d be encouraged by Mayes’ tough tone in response to an outpouring of complaints by residents of the unincorporated 400-home subdivision out on Houston Mesa Road.

Except we’ve been here before.

After all, Brooke did nothing at all for years to provide water to Pine and Strawberry. What did the Corporation Commission do? The commissioners just imposed a building moratorium and went off to ponder electricity rates.

Then last winter, the tripling of propane prices prompted the commission to hold a public meeting in Payson to air complaints that SemStream had manipulated prices and flimflammed ratepayers with bewildering surcharges that dwarfed the regulated price of the propane. The commission never actually did anything about that either, even though the parent company subsequently went bankrupt when it got caught selling short after working hard to manipulate oil and propane prices nationally.

So, forgive us if we’re skeptical of the commission’s apparent intent to force Brooke to provide residents of Mesa del with enough water to flush their toilets and calm themselves down with a nice cold glass of water (maybe with just dash of bourbon).

Still, love is strange. So maybe we’ll put on our good shirt, slick back our hair, polish our shoes and wait by the front door. Maybe this time, she’ll show.

I’ll be over at ten

You tell me time and again

But you’re late

I wait around and then

I went to the door

I can’t take any more

It’s not you

You let me down again


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