Make Health Costs 100 Percent Deductible And The Patient Owns The Insurance



In reply to Mr. Chuck Burns’ letter, I do, “... honestly say this health care system doesn’t need to be torn down and completely rebuilt.”

The health care “crisis” is a deliberate construct of the federal government, planned to create the precise problems Mr. Burns relates; and, thus, public demand for more government involvement to “fix” the problem they’ve created.

The current health care flow chart is: employer — insurance company — provider. The employer wants to save money, the insurance company wants to please the employer, and the provider needs some compensation for the services rendered, as defined by the insurance company. The patient is a non-contributor and thus has no say in this system.

The IRS tax form limits health care deductions to expenses exceeding 7 percent of gross income. Since the vast majority of people do not reach this level of health care expense until age 65, this means that people under age 65 pay income tax on all health care expenses. This incentivizes these people to utilize an employer’s health insurance coverage (despite its portability problem), or pay cash for their health care.

The feds mandate coverage in the ER for people who can’t or won’t pay; and, through Medicare and Medicaid, pay doctors and hospitals less for their services than those services cost.

Anyone with cash or insurance has to pay for their own care, plus that of Medicare/Medicaid patients, plus those who can’t or won’t pay so the providers can stay in business.

Therefore these costs appear outrageous, and the cost for insurance skyrockets. As more healthy people pay their own care costs, fewer people amortize the insurance cost of the sick people, thus creating demand by insurance companies for the government to force healthy people to buy health insurance, whether or not they want or need it.

Fed and state mandates on what insurance companies have to include in their policies also force the cost of insurance upward.

What needs to be torn down is the Socialist renegade Congress that has created this health care “crisis.” What needs to be completely rebuilt is our Constitutional Republic, free of all federal and state meddling (both regulations and mandates) in the relationship between doctors and hospitals and their patients.

When health costs are 100 percent deductible, the patient owns the insurance, and the provider and patient determine treatment relative to cost, the “crisis” will be eliminated.

Terry Putnam



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