Obama, Left Wing Want To Silence Americans



Throughout his presidential campaign and the first months of his administration, President Obama dominated most channels of communication to the American people. He masterfully leveraged the left wing’s well-organized Internet presence and the liberal media to further his agenda while the opposition’s response was nearly inaudible.

Now, President Obama is meeting resistance to his policies for the first time. Fearing loss of freedom and crushing deficits many Americans have become politically active to fight for the future of our country.

Everyday citizens who never before participated in politics are waging a peaceful revolution that is now being supported through the Internet, talk radio, and cable television.

During the congressional recess the opposition’s message has played at full volume. The administration has been ineffective in its efforts to squelch this debate. The left’s offensive verbal attacks on town hall protesters and efforts efforts to disarm “cable chatter” have only added fuel to the fire.

Obama and his political strategists know it is critical to regain control of the message, and they will stop at nothing to do so.

The American people need to be aware of the legislation and tactics Obama and left-wing supporters will attempt to advance in the coming months to silence dissent and limit opposing views communicated via the Internet, radio and television.

The White House recently targeted Internet messages expressing opposing views on health care with Flag@whitehouse.gov as a tool for snitches to report on fellow citizens. As a next step, and in the name of cybersecurity, the administration may try to implement an Internet kill switch.

The left wing initially tried to silence conservative talk radio through personal attacks aimed at talk show hosts, and next may press for reintroduction of the “Fairness Doctrine” through either FCC policy or Congressional legislation. If successful, radio program content could be controlled by the government.

The left will continue to dominate network television. With a $340 billion government bailout and product lines well aligned with the Obama agenda, you can bet that NBC parent company GE will continue to offer Obama favorable coverage. As evidence of liberal media bias, last week both NBC and ABC refused to air advertisements critical of the administration’s health care reform initiative.

During this critical time American citizens have a choice: pay close attention to the actions of the Obama administration and reject Constitutional infringement, or remain silent and surrender First Amendment rights.

John Baker


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