Stop Labeling People Just Because They Disagree With Opinion



I find it simply amazing that our Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will attack any real or imagined opposition to their agendas. These two elected officials label and smear citizens who simply disagree or need to know more of pending congressional bills as “unpatriotic” “evil-mongers” and “Nazis.”

The fascinating point of my opinion is that these two same elected officials were encouraging citizens to rally and protest against former President Bush and the Republican Party just a couple years ago.

I can recall a time Nancy Pelosi was encouraging people to be patriotic and demonstrate against all of President Bush’s agendas. I also remember that the Democratic attack dogs resisted and complained bitterly of the term “evil” as in axis of evil, because evil was construed as a religious term.

Currently, the Democrats call disconnected, uninformed and/or concerned citizens as “evil-mongers” or label the most vocal opponents as “racist.” I can also remember clearly the cartoons, television shows and motion pictures that attacked and parodied President Bush. I did see him attack the press or the citizens for differing views.

I guess turnabout is fair play and as far as I am concerned, most politicos, elected officials and committee members of both parties are filled with bravo sierra, have the spine of a jellyfish and have very short memories. It seems they forgotten the Bill of Rights and replaced it with an excellent health insurance and pension plan that the rest of U.S. citizens will never have. They enjoy having influence and demand respect of royalty, unaware of their elitism and their double standards.

Jeff Durbin


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