Waste, Fraud Will Ruin Us



After watching Obama’s speech to Congress Wednesday night, I still find myself amazed at the man’s hubris and arrogance. He really has disdain for the intelligence of the American people.

He scoffs at the $900 billion dollars that will be required to fund his government run and administered health care proposal, and glibly asserts that he can fund it from savings that he will somehow glean from “the waste and fraud” in other government-run health systems like Medicare and Medicaid.

Waste and fraud in a government-run system ... what a concept! There has never been a government program in the history of our country that has not cost more than expected. This path of unprecedented and unrestrained government spending, will lead our country down the path of insolvency and bankruptcy!

Look at the U.S. dollar ... it is losing value against almost all other world currencies every day, and before too much longer, we will be facing huge inflationary pressures!

Please write and call your congressional representatives today ... everyone must do it, don’t leave it up to someone else!

Larry J Kontz


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