Bike Riders Cross Line



In response to the article of Aug. 7, 2009 re: Sharing: Motorists and bike riders.

I am not sorry to say that I do not give right of way to bicyclists. When they are riding in the traffic lane instead of the bike path — tough luck. I refuse to have to surrender my right as a licensed driver to the many bike riders who refuse to obey the traffic laws.

I am very aware of just how dangerous it is to ride a bike or even a motorcycle in this town — I have both and ride as often as I can. Funny how I have had zero close calls since moving to Payson. Maybe it’s because I am smart enough to stay out of the way? Or is it that I don’t try to force my way through traffic on a bicycle? Hmm.

You wish to talk about sharing — Should I have to cross the double yellow line of Airport Road or Tyler Parkway to pass you? I think not, I think that maybe, just maybe, you as bike riders are taking much more of the road than you are entitled to occupy. Or let’s discuss the riders that insist on riding on the white lines that define the bike paths, instead of in the bike path as it is designed.

David Carson


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