Business Picks Up … Where?



In an Aug. 14 Roundup article written Pete Aleshire states Payson got rare good economic news this month, with a rebound in sales taxes and a surprise, year-end surplus of more than $1.1 million.

Last week Mr. Aleshire reported the opposite view in his article “Twist, turns of legislature leaves towns in limbo.”

I am not blaming Mr. Aleshire for being misled by our governmental officials and elected leaders. I would like to comment that I have not seen business pick up in any form since January 2009.

I can remember a few years ago, the post office was a busy and popular place. Not today. I can remember seeing many people going to restaurants to eat. I have seen more and more businesses close and almost no new business openings. The boom is over. I haven’t seen the town hire, no classified ads, and the town was always hiring years ago. I have been told that the casino has laid many people off and has cut many employees’ work hours down from last year. A business owner friend of mine told me that his business volume is half of what it was last year. I know he and other businesses are struggling and will not last another six months.

This means four things, loss of jobs, loss of revenue, loss of vehicles and loss of homes. Many Payson homeowners are delinquent or in foreclosure. Many will lose everything and will move to the Valley.

I know of a Star Valley husband and wife both working three jobs each and losing their home. They have no other option.

Many of us have been deceived that our newly elected savior and his economic stimulus package would save us.

Jeff Durbin


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