A Chance To Flourish


re: How could you by Jim Willis.

Thank you for that great writing. It expressed so well the look in the eyes of each dog and cat, that gets to visit the shelter.

When that dog or that cat reach the shelter, they are either dropped off or found as a stray. They come in fearful, after being chased and often abused. What was once someone’s pet, loved and cherished, that was cuddled and slept on a bed or in a lap has now become expendable, a stray, an unwanted. They have now not only lost their home, their security but even their identity.

In the story, the animal was euthanized by a very kind person.

As a volunteer at the PHS, I have personally witnessed the love the care, the concern and the patience it takes to nurse these — our great friends — back to mental and physical health.

I have personally experienced the compassion and care by the staff and other volunteers to make every effort to help each animal become whole and to find a home where that animal’s individual personality and ability to love again will flourish.

I also want to thank each person who adopts a cat or a dog from the shelter and gives it a chance to be all that it can be.

Rita Andersen


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