Glad To See President Clear Up Misinformation



While referring to the health care debate in his address to the joint session of Congress, President Obama again warned Americans about the “misinformation that’s been spread over the past few months.”

President Obama is absolutely correct. Misinformation has discouraged honest debate and caused political unrest in our country. I was pleased that during his address to the nation, President Obama finally corrected one of the most significant misrepresentations presented in the health care debate.

In recent months President Obama and other Democrats have claimed that 46 million or more Americans are without health care coverage. Obama admitted in his speech that there are only 30 million American citizens who are not covered by insurance, which includes those who voluntarily decline coverage. His previous statements overstated the problem by more than 50 percent. Wow!

Thank you, President Obama for clearing up that misinformation!

John Baker


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