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Hello my name is Toby Waugh and I’m a captain for the Town of Payson Fire Department. I’ve been with the department for 21 years.

As a firefighter, the one thing that I’ve noticed is the homes of Payson are poorly marked. I have gone up and down many streets looking for addresses. I’ve decided to write to the whole community to say, “In your time of emergency, please help me find you.”

If your house is not clearly marked — or if I can’t see it — how can I find you?

I would like to see if we, as a small community, can resolve this problem. Everyone needs to go out to your car and drive by your house and look. Say to yourself, “Can my house be seen from the road? Can my house numbers be seen from both directions. Can my house numbers be seen during all times of the year? Do I need to move my house numbers? Do they need to be bigger?”

I’m sure that if you take this little bit of time, you might just save a very important life, yourself or loved one.

These are my recommendations:

• Place numbers on the right side of the door and on the right side of long driveways.

• Numbers should be large enough to be seen from the road day or night — a minimum 3 inches in height.

• Numbers must be seen from both directions and be visible and away from foliage.

• Make sure the numbers contrast from their backgrounds.

• Use numbers that are reflective – gold numbers other than looking nice are very hard to see both day and night.

• If you move your number location please put it on the front of the driveway or garage.

• Put extra numbers out if necessary — for instance, if you have a home with long driveway. Home numbers on long driveways should be posted at the street and also at the residence.

• If you need to repaint your numbers, white or black are the recommended colors. Thanks for helping us help you in your time of need. It only takes a few minutes.

Oh yeah, the pizza guy also thanks you — now he can get your pizza to you faster.

Toby Wau


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