It’S Time To Stand Up For America



It seems tea parties, Lou Dobbs, town hall meetings and Fox News are about the only things keeping us from being led to slaughter like a bunch of sheep.

Concerned citizens who speak out against government control of their lives have to endure threats and being called every name in the book, but they’re reminding politicians who works for whom and have managed to slow down if not derail this runaway political machine that’s rushing to “remake America.”

Yes, some of the protesters get rowdy, but brave men and women have fought and died to give us these freedoms and if you think taking over your health care is the only thing on the liberal agenda; check out the case in Florida where two school officials are being sued by the ACLU for saying grace over a meal. This is not something happening in a Taliban country, it’s happening in America or what used to be America.

The problem with the health care bill President Barack Obama is pushing is that our government is in debt and has no means to pay for the program. Senior citizens are seeing their savings continuing to disappear because of the weakening dollar and Obama has done nothing but increase our national debt to the point of enslaving our nation to those who hold our debt.

I am for health care reform when done right, and not forced down my throat by those who seek seek to destroy our country.

If we want to be able to help the poor and those less fortunate we should strive to become a nation that is debt free — allowing us to help others without robbing the coffers of future Americans and spending money we don’t have.

Why is it my government is so bent on spending money we don’t have? It almost seems like this current administration is seeking to destroy and reshape the America we all love.

If we fail to awaken and do nothing to stop the government from spending so recklessly the American people will enter into a worse economic catastrophe within the next two years — probably sooner.

The only answer I see is to vote every one of them out of office and let’s start over. I will never vote for anyone who is currently in federal office. Limit their terms to no more than the president has. I am not a Democrat or Republican, I am an American.

Jim Hinton


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