Let Us Get It Right!



In reference to the Roundup’s editorial of Sept. 11 titled “Let us get a grip” a few points must be noted:

1. Sarah Palin’s remarks concerning death panels (not “death squads” as you stated) referring to the already existent practice of rationing health care by insurance carriers and hospital boards was, admittedly, a bit “over-the-top” rhetorically. Her concern that this power will be extended to yet another government bureaucracy is, none the less, shared by many.

2. The objections to the president speaking to the schoolchildren of the nation arose out of the notion of having a compulsory, captive audience of impressionable young minds, and the content of an accompanying “lesson plan” imploring the students to write about how they can help the president achieve his political goals. To his credit, Mr. Obama recognized those legitimate complaints and revised the speech, omitted the writing assignment, and pre-published the new speech in order for parents to judge for themselves beforehand if it was appropriate fare for their children.

3. The cry of “You lie!” during President Obama’s prime time speech was rude, and reminiscent of the parliaments of Canada and Great Britain. It was also apologized for, and the apology was accepted by the White House. But it was also true the Republicans had earlier introduced a bill that would have required all future health care proposals to include only legal citizens, only to be voted down by the Democrats. As for your statement concerning the “clear language” in the proposals barring benefits for illegal aliens, somebody is going to have to show me that because I have yet to see it in writing.

We have come to accept and dismiss the Gazette’s assessment of the majority of Paysonites as gullible, ill-informed half-wits; for the Roundup to imply likewise is deplorable.

Robert M. Lantry


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