Medical Care Is Not Equivalent To A Lube And Oil Change



From his lofty perch in Washington where he enjoys the best medical care the taxpayers can provide for him and his family, Sen. Kyl seems to have lost sight of the real cost of medical care.

You can’t equate the cost of an oil change with the cost of an MRI, mammogram, a PSA blood test or just a simple doctor’s office visit, or the rising cost of drugs. At times you can put off work on your car or, in some cases, do it yourself.

When it comes to medical care, there aren’t too many things you can do on your own other than treating the symptom. Rather than high profile meetings to generate support for his position on health care reform, it might do our elected officials good to sit down with a local family and discuss the real cost of medical care and the fear one has when there is no insurance to protect that family.

Donn C. Morris


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