Ponderosa Church Members Volunteer To Help Those In Need


Someone has said, “When you need a helping hand, look at the end of your arm.” Good advice for those who are still able to help themselves, but what about those who cannot?

How does an elderly woman climb a ladder to change a light bulb or fix a hole in her roof?

Who helps the man who has always been able to handle his own repairs around the house until he had a heart attack?

Where does a single mom find help with little projects around the house she can neither do for herself nor afford to hire out?

His Servants Services, a ministry of Ponderosa Baptist Church, has been helping the helpless for the past two years under the leadership of Gile Sievers, a former YMCA director.

Sievers started the service to the community after he and his wife, Doris, moved to Payson and became members of Ponderosa Baptist Church.

His 33 years as a YMCA director has impacted his life with a desire to help others, and the church has provided funds for the projects he and his associates perform for others.

More than 30 Ponderosa volunteers, both men and women, have painted, pulled weeds, repaired drywall and provided a wide range of other home maintenance and safety services. They have removed tree stumps, mended fences, repaired locks and removed and replaced broken appliances. The team has even fixed vehicles and computers and provided transportation.

Those who have been helped by HSS do not all call Ponderosa their church home. In fact, many have no church affiliation at all.

“It is our way of serving the Lord by helping others. We simply want to show the love of God in action,” said Sievers.

Those in the community who have repair needs for their homes or assistance in other ways or community members who would like to offer their skills may contact HSS at (928) 474-9279.


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