We Need More Dumpsters



I regularly read or hear about trash left behind in the forest by visitors. I don’t understand the mindset of somebody who loves the forest enough to visit but not enough to keep it clean. Perhaps part of the problem is that after hours in the sun on Highway 87 the trash really smells bad and the smell gets into other items packed on their trailers or in their vehicles. So how do we get them to not just leave it in place?

It is up to the Forest Service and the county to put Dumpsters on their land. That apparently has become mired in the respective bureaucracies.

So why don’t a couple of businesses in Payson that have parking lots large enough to be used by the huge motor homes pulling trailers or cars install Dumpsters in their parking lots? If town council approval is needed, that should be possible. If money is needed for fees of some kind, Payson residents who care about the forest will probably contribute. I understand that Waste Management will provide Dumpsters at little or no cost. Perhaps the other trash companies will also. If we give the visitors a couple of places in Payson where they can stop and dump their trash maybe we can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Any trash left in Payson, is not left in the forest. Plus, when they stop to dump the trash they just might buy something at a nearby store. Any money that is spent in town benefits us all. Having the reputation of being a town that cares about its surrounding forest can’t hurt either.

Meanwhile we can keep putting pressure on the Forest Service and county to put Dumpsters on their lands. I am sure there is enough trash to go around.

Carol Stanton


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