Government Health Care Will Be A Monopoly


The federal government ignores the fact that the competition problem with health insurance companies could be solved by trashing the federal law that allows states to ban health insurance sales across state lines. If we truly wanted to protect consumers of health insurance it would be done the same way we protect consumers of screwdrivers, bread and motel rooms. Give them the power to tell their insurance companies, “I’m taking my business down the road to the next state.”

It’s the same old government one-two punch: First they fall into something and mess it up like a cockroach landing in a bucket of honey, then they claim the free market is running amok because there’s not enough government oversight.

Their solution is to knock the honey-bucket off the table bottom side up in the name of government reform.

This will be the result if we endorse government-provided health care. It will not be a competitor, but a monopoly financed by taxpayers. At first we may be able to choose whether we take the service, but at some point we will be forced to buy it under penalty of prison for tax evasion. It will be like a box canyon — one way in and no way out — and how are we going to pay for it?

If I remember right, candidate Obama was going to end the war in the Middle East in 90 days and bring the soldiers home, thereby saving taxpayers enough to finance all his domestic programs. So much for Obama’s foreign policy. Now he is going to save the entire $900 billion by cutting waste from Medicare and Medicaid.

It would seem, promising to cut costs by having a panel of Washington bureaucrats (aka the Death Panel) deny medical treatment to Grandma wasn’t a popular idea with most Americans.

So Obama says he is going to cover an additional 47 million uninsured Americans and cut costs without health care rationing. By the way, the 47 million includes approximately 10 million illegal aliens, that Obama said in his congressional address on Sept. 9, would not be covered and which brought the “You Lie!” response from Congressman Joe Wilson. But, if they are not covered, why is he counting them?

In any case, nationalized health care will lead to health care rationing. We have only to look at England, Europe, Canada, and in every country where it has been instituted to confirm this. In fact, for anyone new to the planet Earth, whatever does not exist in unlimited supply is rationed.

Did you ever go into a government office anytime, any place, for anything, and not have to wait? How about a doctor’s office? So we are going to combine them? Really? What are we doing, dying to wait, or waiting to die?

And exactly what would be covered in this new health plan? What would not be covered?

Despite their ridiculous thousand-plus pages of confusing rhetoric, the health-care bills passing through Congress are markedly vague. No version of these bills will include words like “death panel,” “abortion,” or “six-month wait for a CAT scan.”

For the most part, the bills simply establish irresponsible, unelected federal commissions to fill in the blanks.

I keep seeing Howard Dean and Jan Schakowsky on TV angrily declaring that all this is a despicable lie — which, in itself, proves to anyone with a brain it is true.

Considering the source, I shouldn’t need to go any farther, but here is My Horseback Opinion: I will never believe any health-care bill supported by Rosa DeLauro, Nancy Pelosi, Nita Lowey, and ramrodded by Obama will not cover abortions. Neither will it fail to cover illegal aliens.

And why do I believe this? Because on July 30, a House committee voted down an amendment offered by Republican Joe Pitts stating that government health care would not cover abortions.

That same day they also voted down an amendment offered by Rep. Nathan requiring health-care providers to use the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program to deny illegal aliens government health care services.

So, if national health care will not cover illegals or abortion, why do the Democrats frantically oppose amendments that would make this clear?

If we allow any Obama-styled health-care bill to become law, the Federal Health Commission will declare that abortion is covered after all. The same will happen with the illegals. And, considering banshee czars, cabinet crooks, and the general class of misfits with which Obama has surrounded himself, we can probably expect to cover sex change operations also, but Grandma will have hell getting a hip replacement.

We should heed the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy.”

Como Siempré, Jinx

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