It Was Self-Defense



A viscous chow mix terrorized the neighborhood for years. After many situations, animal control removed the dog “permanently.” The dog’s owner sent a friend and adopted the dog back, and it continued to terrorize the neighborhood.

Animal control told me that if the dog came after my kids or me again, they would take the dog to the “State of Arizona” and have him destroyed. My kids would not leave my fenced yard unless they could see that dog was locked up! When my kids wanted to walk to a friend’s house, I would get my gun and walk them past the dog that was usually locked to a tree by an 8-foot chain.

The only reason I was not bitten, because I knew the dog and I would stand my ground and yell his name. If that dog came after me when I had my gun I would have shot again and again and again until he was no longer a threat. After several more incidents when my kids would come running, screaming and crying, back inside my fenced yard, animal control removed the dog with the assistance of an officer with his gun drawn.

I know how Mr. Fish felt that day when this dog came after him. He was in fear of his life before, Grant Kuenzli charged at him, threatening to kill him! That dog was removed permanently, for repeated viscous attempts at my kids and myself. I was told that the Humane Society employee that allowed Grant to take that dog out to a public place, without a leash, was “let go.” The animal control officer resigned.

Many lives were changed because of that dog. Because Mr. Fish had his gun with him maybe he may continue his many years of teaching elementary school and care for his seven children.

It is wrong when a group of anti-gun extremists can search for a judge to bring up charges, after three judges dismissed the incident as self-defense.

Will Ippolito


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