Star Valley Town Council Does A Good Job



After reading the Roundup article “Star Valley cracker barrel meetings start again,” I was amused and disgusted at the same time. Amused that after all that has happened, Chuck Heron would try to revive his involvement in Star Valley government activities and disgusted at his reasons.

To accuse the staff at town hall of “not answering phone calls or responding to e-mails” is of course ridiculous. Nobody works harder than these people. As a council member, the only time I “clam up” is when I’m not allowed by law to respond.

As far as the council not being “focused on water issues,” the truth of the matter is we are more focused than ever. We have had to regroup and create a new wastewater commission which set us behind in our goals. As many of our citizens know, the last water committee was destroyed by Heron to satisfy his own personal agenda. Our town council has been very busy.

Unfortunately, we have to spend far too much time on issues that routinely would not be on the agenda. It’s difficult to move forward when so much time has to be devoted with mending the past. Ironically, it was the things our council didn’t do that saved our town from disaster.

Because of hard work, our council was able to prevent Star Valley from overspending and becoming a victim of the financial crisis that most towns and cities are experiencing. Our council prevented our prior town manager from spending over a million dollars on properties with the intent of building a town hall.

Also, we contracted the Gila County Sheriff’s Department instead of spending well over a million dollars to create our own police department. We put an end to outrageous salary increases and frivolous spending that was depleting our budget. Our town staff and council are working hard to repair relationships destroyed by past comments and decisions.

This takes time and is not always visible to the public. I encourage citizens to become involved in issues important to the welfare and progress of our community. I have no problem with “constructive” meetings so long as the reason for meetings is for the good of the people of Star Valley and not just an excuse to vent one person’s frustrations and sour grapes. This would only continue to disrupt our town government from working on issues so vital in developing our town.

Gary Coon

Star Valley Town Council


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