Sv Sets Dates For Water Study Sessions


A week after former mayor Chuck Heron announced he is reforming his cracker barrel discussions, the Town of Star Valley announced it is launching its own water work-study sessions on the last Tuesday of each month — the same night Heron planned to use.

This prompted Heron to reschedule his meetings to the fourth Thursday of each month with the first one kicking off Oct. 24 at the Diamond Point Shadows Restaurant.

Councilor Gary Coon was the only council member to oppose scheduling the meetings on the date, saying it was little suspicious to pick Tuesday, given the time coincided with Heron’s Star Valley Citizens Awareness Coalition meetings.

“There are 31 days in the month,” Coon said.

Vice Mayor, Del Newland interrupted Coon, saying that is the time the council wants.

“Well is that the only day available?” Coon asked.

Councilor Barbara Hartwell said because that time works best with councilor and water and sewer commission chair Vern Leis, that is the time they should use.

Vern explained that he is involved in several other functions and that date is the only one he is available for.

“I can be there and prepare and give all the time we need to ensure we that communicate with the community that we represent,” he said. “The dates to me are sooner the better but, again, this is not the only function that I have to participate in so I would like to have a date so I could be in attendance and be part of the work session.”

Town Manager Tim Grier explained that the water work-study sessions are a time for citizens to voice their concerns and suggestions to council relating to all things water.

It also gives councilors an opportunity to explain their opinions on where the town should go with water.

At a typical council meeting, it is impossible to have this type of back and forth communication of ideas, Grier said.

“Maybe I have not done enough to create a forum to discuss this,” he said.

However, now the town has the opportunity to see all of the hard work the members of the water and sewer commission are doing.

Heron said he was glad to see the town was creating a forum “to let the public into the discussion with council. I think at the (Star Valley) Citizens Awareness Coalition (SVCAC) meetings we will be talking about a lot of other things, like the general plan, state of the town and what people would like to see.” The SVCAC will record citizens’ comments and email them to town hall after every meeting, Heron said.

“We got nothing to hide.”

Star Valley’s work-study sessions begin Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall. For more information, call Town Hall at (928) 472-7752.


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