Kirkpatrick Votes With Democrats Most Of The Time



I have to take issue with several remarks reporter Pete Aleshire said about our Representative Ann Kirkpatrick in last Friday’s newspaper.

In the first sentence Mr. Aleshire said Ann Kirkpatrick was a “proud dissident Democrat” on many House leadership issues. Later he said “she has frequently voted against Democratic proposals.” Let me remind Mr. Aleshire that Kirkpatrick votes 85.8 percent of the time with leadership, meaning five out of six votes by Rep. Kirkpatrick are in the bag for Nancy Pelosi.

That is hardly being a frequent vote against the leadership. In addition, Mr. Aleshire said she voted against the stimulus bill. That is not correct. Kirkpatrick voted for the $787 billion stimulus bill, HR 1.

Among its many travesties, this is the bill that allowed AIG to get over $150 million in bonuses for AIG executives. I say that is a poor use of our taxpayer money. She also voted for the Omnibus bill, HR 1105 which was a $410 billion pork laden bill with over 8000 earmarks. Another waste of taxpayer money.

In regard to the health care debate, when she was here in Payson, I asked Rep. Kirkpatrick to sign a pledge not to vote for any health care proposal that did not contain a requirement that the Congress and the president had to be governed by the same law. She refused to sign the pledge. How do you interpret that answer?

When the president in his Wednesday speech said they will save over $500 billion from fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid, why not start now and begin saving this money, you don’t need a new law to start saving money.

On the very next day, Thursday, Rep. Kirkpatrick, on our behalf, should have demanded that the president identify sources of waste and announce programs to start recapturing that money.

We don’t need a 1,000-page bill to reform health care. I agree that we need reform in health care and the system.

I suggest we consider the following: 1) allow citizens to buy health insurance from any insurance company in the U.S. (competition), 2) allow for insurance pools to be structured to cover people with catastrophic conditions (security), 3) eliminate refusal for pre-conditions (security), and 4) allow citizens to keep their health care when they leave a job or even when crossing state lines (security). To make a major impact on reducing health care costs, there needs to be major tort reform.

It is estimated that 15 percent of health care costs goes to cover defensive medicine and excessive legal judgements. Just do these reforms and we will all have better health care at a lower cost.

You can do all the above without having the federal government getting into the health care business.

Payson, remember who is asking to reform health care by adding a government option. Rep. Kirkpatrick is “leaning toward” a government-run health care plan. Do you really want a bureaucrat in Washington running your health care here in Payson?

Call Congresswoman Kirkpatrick and ask her to vote “no” on anything that smells of a government-run health care plan.

Don Ascoli


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