Pack It Out Or Stay Out Or Stay Out Of The Forest



I disagree with Carol Stanton concerning anyone having to place Dumpsters in the forest for negligent, ignorant, disrespectful users.

Over 63 years ago when I joined the Boy Scouts, we were taught — “What you pack in — you pack out.” That included empty pork and bean cans and your Hershey bar wrappers.

Every time you facilitate the irresponsible generations that were not taught that you were responsible for your actions, you make it that much easier for them to shirk any obligation they have to me, you, the animals and the forest.

Close the forest for a year due to the unsanitary conditions the users have left behind and publicize the reason. The county and Forest Service provided Dumpsters are not free.

Tax monies, yours, mine, as well as the trashers’ pay for this service. I personally don’t care to see any of my tax dollars used to follow along behind these people. I don’t remember ever finding any dirty cloth diapers on one of my canoe trips down the Allagash River in Maine, but the second trip, I did see disposable diapers in several campsites. Much to my delight, I also saw a Maine game warden writing them a citation, which he increased to three when I handed him two more diapers ...

Pack it out or stay out.

Jim Gier


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