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Response after reading Tuesday’s edition of letters to the editor:

The first letter to catch my eye was the one stating that Obama has misrepresented the number of uninsured Americans. There are not really 46 million citizens without insurance, there are only 30 million. The writer seems to think this small number of only 30 million is not such a big deal.

The next writer feels “this” administration has spent too much money; therefore, we cannot afford health care for all until we become “debt free.” It’s been a long time since that was the case ... like never. We, therefore, cannot afford this additional cost of taking care of our citizens who can’t take care of themselves by paying exorbitant rates to the insurance companies.

Then we get the word from the guy who will not yield to bike riders on town streets ... he refuses to “surrender his right as a licensed driver.” Aren’t we getting a bit tired of “MY right to do this and MY right to do that”? Do other people’s rights mean nothing anymore?

And then last but not least ... The writer of “Let us get it right,” claims Sarah Palin did not say “death squads” but merely “death panels,” so she’s cool.

He goes on to condemn Obama’s school speech stating the lesson plan presented, “implored the students to write about how they can help the president achieve his ‘political goals.’”

I believe the true request was to ask for reports from the students on how they could better help America ... as in, “Ask not what your country can do for you ...” for which Kennedy was cheered. Of course, Kennedy was not a black man.

In his third premise, he pretty much justifies Joe Wilson yelling “You lie.” This is not acceptable ... really!

But, the last paragraph, “We have come to accept and dismiss the Gazette’s assessment of the majority of Paysonites as gullible, ill-informed half-wits”; your words sir, not the Gazette’s, is so laughable after re-capping the aforementioned letters to the editor in one day.

The “gullible, ill-informed, half-wits” obviously need no help from the Gazette. They are outing themselves.

God bless us everyone.

Ted Paulk


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