Sharing The Road Is The Law



In response to David Carson’s letter regarding not sharing the road with bicyclists. He mentions he will not cross the double yellow line on roads, however, by not giving bicyclist a minimum of 3 feet he is violating the law. Also, there is no Arizona law that says bicyclist have to use the bicycle path/lanes.

In Payson there are very few official path/lanes for bicyclist to use and most of these lanes have water grates, trash and pedestrians in them, making them very hard to use.

Most bicyclists try very hard to ride as close as possible to the side of the road, but there are lots of holes, cracks, rocks and trash at the side which most motorist do not see and we do and have to avoid these.

Bicyclist have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Yes, there are some bicyclists like motorists who do not use the streets correctly, but let’s try to give everyone a chance to enjoy the Rim Country safely.

There is a good booklet that motorists and bicyclists all should read at: http://

Sharing the road is the law.

Minnie Norman


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