Carwash Boys Come To The Rescue



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Steve of Rim Valley Furniture hangs out with Sonni at the Flatlander party.

In the column last week I mentioned a little about the Flatlander party. Well, I’ve got some pictures to back it up.

It looks like the turnout was huge this year. There was a big fire, lots of people, lots of fun, lots of music and even more dancing! I kind of liken this to a rain dance. Basically, at the end of the season, all of the Christopher Creek locals do a “flatlander dance” so that next season the “rains” will return to provide a fruitful harvest (you know, money coming into the community).

What I like most about the Flatlander celebration is that everyone is invited and it is a real community event. It’s not like you have to be a member of a certain club, or have a certain skill, or any certain motivation. It is just a kick-back time with no agenda other than letting loose, saying ‘hi’ to neighbors and friends and having a good time. Kind of wish there’d be more days like that, huh?

Carwash hole gets fixed

One of the most popular questions I hear from visitors is how high is the creek? For those of us who are familiar with Christopher Creek, that becomes an almost impossible question to answer. I mean, last year in July it flooded completely over the road. Just this last Saturday, in an instant the “Carwash” was, well, um, a little more aggressive, let’s say.

Many residents of Christopher Creek know the Carwash has been a real hazard for nearly a year. The big hole in the middle of the pavement jarred more than one car to its very frame, not to mention the driver. One elderly couple was very frightened when their small car fell into the hole.

Well, the Boys of the Carwash stepped forward, without being asked, because that’s the kind of guys they are.

Early last Friday morning, they showed up with tools and sand bags and an idea. The first challenge was to divert as much of the creek water as possible away from the huge hole. It took some time and a lot of effort and discussion, but it was done. Next was the trip to town for 20 bags of concrete. The mixer showed up, the concrete mixed, and, by mid-afternoon, the hole was filled.

Some of the Boys remained, working on the curbing, and returned early Saturday morning to continue. But nature hit the Boys on Saturday afternoon when the rains came and the creek rose. In just minutes, a two-foot wall of water came rushing down the creek and over the Carwash. It washed away the mixer motor, the wheelbarrow, the sump pump, tools and shovels, and wiped out hours of work.

But the hole has been fixed, no more bottoming out. Thanks and much gratitude to Chuck Schmitt, Mark Alvin, Rodney Britain, Bill Hamner and John Mitchell.

Singing Sonni’s praises

Everybody in town knows Sonni. And I think everyone would agree that she is a real gem and one heck of a contributor to the community. Personally, I appreciate her always being around to lend a hand, and am really glad that I am not a grapevine! Happy 70th Birthday again, Sonni. I think you set a record for number of birthdays for one person. To my knowledge, I know you had at least 5 birthday parties! We should all hope to be lucky enough to look half as good and have half the energy Sonni does at her age. Hopefully for all of us, maybe it IS something in the water?

I would like to thank Susan Keown for all of the wonderful pictures she provided me. She must’ve provided me close to 50 pictures in all. It was very hard to pick just a couple for inclusion in the article.

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