Fight To Win Or Get Out



I see where the world’s greatest military minds have told Obama what is needed to succeed in Afghanistan and his response is to say “he wants to study it.” I’m not sure what he wants to study or how he is going to go about studying it since he has less knowledge/experience on fighting a war than the lowest PFC in the Army.

Perhaps he is going to enroll in the Army War College so he can come up to speed on this issue.

I find it amazing that he needs to study what the best military minds in the world have recommended. These are the best and brightest in our military that have spent their whole lives studying how to fight a war and all Obama has ever done is organize an activist group in Chicago.

Perhaps what he means is that he wants to ask Acorn, SEIP or what they think he should do.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t just vote “present” on an issue like this ... Maybe if he would stay off the Letterman show and stop traveling across the U.S. to make the same speech every day he would have time to give our troops the attention and manpower and equipment they need.This guy is spending millions on Air Force One traveling every day to give the same speech.

Personally, I think we should fight this war to win or get out. I don’t want our young men and women fighting and dying over there in a losing cause (especially while he is “studying it”).

In fact, my vote is to get out of that whole mess and let them kill each other. Use our troops to protect our borders.

Jim Hinton


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