First Sign Of Fall Colors Already Showing


Summer is over! It is so hard to believe that the summer has been here and gone so quickly. Fall officially arrived on Tuesday, Sept. 22. I noticed the silver maple tree across the street from my house has started to lose the green in the leaves. The shade is muted to a very pale yellow, but soon the whole tree will be a beautiful golden color and very soon the frost will be on the lakes on top of the Rim. I have mixed feelings about summer ending, but I also look forward to the beautiful colors that nature displays this time of year.

Bear Flat

The Bear Flat Homeowner’s Association held their end of summer potluck and quad and golf cart parade on Sunday, Sept. 6. There were 14 entries in all, and one of the entries had a clown and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla. It was a great turnout for the residents.

Doris Kindler, mother of Denny and Mary Kindler was released from the hospital a few Sundays ago. Doris would appreciate any visitors or phone calls, so stop by to say ‘hello.’

The rainfall for Bear Flat has been almost nonexistent this summer for this tiny community. The creek has not been running all summer. The last time the creek was up was August 2008 at 1-1/2 feet, according to resident Dara Sutton. There was a good amount of rain this past weekend (2.12 inches fell). The average for September is 2.1 inches.

Dara reports that the 405 road into Bear Flat was graded on Sept. 16, and has made a big difference driving into Bear Flat.

Tonto Village Chapel

There will be a free concert on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 9 a.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel. Featured gospel singer will be Phil Dickey. Phil has sung at the Chapel before and has been well received. Show your support for this concert by your attendance to listen to some very nice gospel music.

Not good news

I don’t like reporting this type of news, but since we live in communities where the homes are not lived in all year-round there is a need to report this activity.

There have been break-ins at Kohl’s Ranch, with electronic equipment and guns taken, along with doors smashed in. Can other communities such as our own village, Mead/ Collins, or Thompson Draw also be a target? Please keep your doors locked and do not allow anyone in your cabin if you don’t know them. If they ask to use your phone, tell them you will dial the number for them. Call 911!

Double D Doings

The Tuesday evening pool tournaments were held. The nine ball gang got together and Marie Leonard shot for first place. Ethel Cain and Patty Boeschling placed second and third places.

On Sunday afternoon, the eight ball players took over the tables. Cliff Landrum shot for first place. No surprise there! Harvey Poyner and Daniel Reese took second and third places. Congratulations to all the winners.

Mark Saturday, Oct. 31 on your calendar to be at the Double D — in your costume, of course — for a night of great music by our very own local celebrity, Lynda St. John. There will also be prizes for the best costumes. I know that the date is almost a month away, but you may need that time to create a fantastic costume.


One birthday was omitted in my column last week. Jenna Meeker, daughter of Rick and Theresa Meeker of Tonto Village II and Scottsdale, turned 24 on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Jenna comes to the village whenever she gets some time off. She has been coming to this area including Pine since she was a little girl. Jenna, there are exactly 86,400 seconds in your birthday. Enjoy every one of them!


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