Bee Stings Total 400 Says Round Valley Teenager, Not 100


Killer bees stung Round Valley teenager Skylar Dineen-Johnson more than 400 times about two weeks ago, not 100 as originally reported, according to a neighbor.

The Payson Fire Department provided the Roundup with information they believed accurate.

However, Dineen-Johnson, referred to in the story as Johnson, later contacted the newspaper and said several facts provided were incorrect.

She scheduled an interview to correct the record, which she later canceled, declining further comment.

A neighbor, Anna Schutter, wrote in an e-mail that one dog immediately died from bee stings, while another dog died three days later. The original article reported both dogs died immediately.

Schutter also wrote that Dineen-Johnson did not put on a coat or run out the back door as stated in the article.


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