Mayor Seeks Community Help By Launching Food Bank Drive



Dear Friends in Rim Country you are important to us and we need your help: 

I know this is a very late invitation but the need is great. Please attend if you can or have someone from your group cover for you at this scoping and organizational meeting.    

It has been several generations since the world financial system has faced this kind of stresses we have experienced over the past few months. I am sure that each of you have seen the devastating financial, emotional and personal toll that the financial collapse has extracted right here in our own community.

Unfortunately, the ripple effect will continue to be felt by the most vulnerable in our midst for some time to come.

Closed businesses, unemployment, lost cars and foreclosed homes are but a few of the negative effects wrecking havoc on our community.

The magnitude of the problem, the scope of human tragedy being inflicted, is more than we should tolerate. And yet it is more than anyone of us can handle.   

World Hunger is one thing. Hunger in America is less palatable, but hungry children in our own community — that is a reality we must not allow.

Collectively, I continue to be amazed by the tender hearts and giving natures of all those who have chosen to call Rim Country home. Together we have solved incredible challenges. We have overcome unbelievable odds. Together, we can make a difference; we can overcome hunger at home.

Meeting with ministers, church and religious leaders over the past month, we have determined that a coordinated Food Drive could have a very positive impact on our community. Our food banks are under unparalleled pressure.

Working together with a non-denominational, communitywide effort, we would solicit help from every quarter.

We are asking every business, service, social, civic and compassionate service organization to join with us in this effort to help eliminate Hunger at Home here in Rim Country.

Will you join us in this heart-driven effort to eliminate Hunger at Home?

Who:  YOU

What: Food Drive to reduce Hunger at Home in Rim Country

When: Tuesday – Sept. 29, at 7 p.m.

Where: Presbyterian Church, East Main Street, Payson

Why:  Because we need YOU in order to succeed in this serious time of need.

Kenny Evans

Mayor, Town of Payson


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